About Us

Our story is simple.  Since 2016, we've been on a mission to do one thing:

Make commercial real-estate easier to use.

Our journey has taken us through, around, up and over the confusing world of commercial real-estate. We've been tenants, sub-tenants, agents, brokers, and daily renters. We've experimented with various new models of commercial real-estate, including hourly rentals, monthly pop-ups, and co-working.  

What we've learned through these experiences is that no singular solution can solve the complexity of properly matching the needs of both renters and landlords. So we decided to create what we wished would have existed...

The first commercial real-estate marketplace to offer rentals ranging from daily to multi-year use.

Whether you need space for a one day company offsite meeting, a two month restaurant pop-up, or a three year lease for your new retail store...we have flexible rental options designed to meet your exact needs.

We believe that if renting space is easier and more accessible, it will help make our neighborhoods and cities more vibrant, interesting, and active.

Welcome to the Neyborly vision of commercial real-estate.