Alcohol Policy

Neyborly Alcohol Policy

Last Updated: July 7, 2020

It is the host's responsibility that all attendees are aware of Neyborly, Inc’s alcohol policies. Neyborly, Inc allows hosts to bring their own alcohol in the special circumstance that the booking falls under the category of “Private Party”.

A “Private Party” is an event that:

1) Is not open to the public

2) Cannot be attended by anyone who is not specifically invited

3) Does not involve anyone paying for alcohol

4) Where alcohol is furnished for the party-goers by the host, at the host's expense

5) No attendees are charged any admission fees, bar fees, cork fees, or any other type of fees

6) There is no cash bar

7) There are not other “fees” to be paid (like entry fee, raffle fee, etc.) that could be construed as a way of paying for the alcohol.

If your event does not fit the above criteria, it is not classified as a “Private Party” and therefore alcohol is only allowed under one of the following conditions:

1) The host hires a licensed caterer and obtain an ABC Event Permit (ABC 218)

2) If you are a non-profit (501-C3) you can apply for a standalone 1-day liquor license

If the host does not meet one of the above conditions, alcohol will not be allowed at your event and Neyborly, Inc. reserves the right to terminate your event if there is illegal alcohol use.