Cleaning and Damages Policy

Neyborly Cleaning and Damage Policy

Last Updated: October 28, 2020

In order to have a successful event with Neyborly and not incur any additional charges, please see the below policies and restrictions.

You must agree to this Policy to use the Services and the Platform. Please read this Policy carefully. You may not use the Platform or Services if you do not agree to this Policy. 

We reserve the right to amend this Policy for any reason and at any time by posting an updated version to our website.

Cleaning Policy

1)    Guests are responsible for resetting the room after their event (putting chairs and tables back into place).

2)    Guests are responsible for disposing of all trash/recycling/compost into the bins and bags that Neyborly Inc. provides.

3)    Guests are responsible for removing all additional items including but not limited to unused catering supplies (dishes, cups, stir sticks, pitchers, etc.), food, and decorations. 

4)    Guests are responsible for leaving Neyborly Inc. spaces in a clean and tidy condition.

5)    Any items left are not the responsibility of Neyborly Inc.

6)    We charge a $50 fee if you do not remove the above listed items including but not limited to unused catering supplies (dishes, cups, stir sticks, pitchers, etc.), food, and decorations, and if you do not reset the floorplan. 

Damage Policy

Guests are responsible for the cost of repair for damage to, or necessary cleaning of, Neyborly spaces resulting from the violation in excess of normal “wear and tear”. In the event that Neyborly Inc, in its reasonable discretion, determines that excessive repair or cleaning is required, Neyborly Inc reserves the right to charge the guest for the reasonable cost of the repair and/or cleaning. An itemized damage and cleaning sheet will be provided within 7-14 business days of the violation.


The following are strictly prohibited : smoking (except in designated outdoor areas), any candle not enclosed in glass. no bird seed, paper lanterns, rice, confetti or glitter. No items may be nailed to the doors, windows, walls, or floors. Fog machines, pyrotechnics, displays or props involving water, and other special effects equipment with potential for fire or water damage are prohibited in all indoor spaces. If you use any of the above items in the space, you will be charged an excess cleaning fee/damage fee to be determined reasonably by Neyborly Inc.