COVID-19 Operations Plan

On March 19, 2020, the State Public Health Officer and Director of the California Department of Public Health issued an order requiring most Californians to stay at home to disrupt the spread of COVID-19 among the population. In accordance with this order, Neyborly shut down operations at all of our spaces across seven cities and two states.

Neyborly is following California's Resilience Roadmap together with county-specific guidance and planning to resume modified operations in late September.

The Neyborly COVID-19 Protection Plan, as follows, will support clean and safe environments for Neyborly staff (Staff), hosts & their guests.

Major Operational Changes

  • Reducing minimum booking duration from hourly to daily
  • Reducing hours of operation
  • Reducing capacities by 25% (capacities may be subject to change with State guidance)
  • Removing Neyborly staff from venues before and during events
  • Increasing the extent of cleaning and period of time between events (see Cleaning Protocol)
  • Issuing hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances and exits to spaces
  • Installing informative signage and physical distancing cues
  • Asking that our hosts and guests please,
  • Issuing $100 fee for any left behind items (aside from trash & recycling)

    Cleaning Protocol

    In addition to standard cleaning of tables, floors and bathrooms Neyborly staff will:

    • Use paper towels, instead of reusable rags, as we look for a more long-term, environmentally friendly, solution
    • Sanitize high-touch surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches and our chairs
    • Sanitize appliances, e.g. refrigerators and water filter machines
    • Use cleaners and disinfectants with ingredients and concentrations approved by the EPA
    • Dust all shelves and other hard surfaces
    • Open doors and windows while cleaning, and through the night, when possible
    • Wear protective equipment (mask and disposable gloves) to prevent cross-contamination
    • Use a checklist to make sure the no surface or step is forgotten

    Pre-Event Protocol

    • Staff will be trained on the company COVID-19 Protection Plan
    • Staff will practice physical distancing to the maximum extent possible, whether at or off of work
    • Staff are required to self-screen at home prior to leaving their homes for shifts
    • Staff exhibiting of the COVID-19 symptoms are required to stay at home for the duration these symptoms present

    Event Protocol

    • Whether booked pre- or post-COVID-19, hosts need to meet new capacities, which are listed on each space's respective page
    • Unless a weekend or evening event booked prior to COVID-19, no staff will be present. All questions or issues regarding the space will be addressed over-the-phone with area managers and/or customer service
    • In addition to regular hand-washing supplies in bathroom(s) and/or kitchen, hand sanitizer will be available near the entrance and exit(s) to spaces, at a minimum
    • Until further notice, hosts and their guests are required by state orders to wear masks throughout the course of their events
    • Physical distancing cues will be placed 6’ apart near the entrance to remind hosts and their guests of this best practice