Host Guide for Neyborly @ 530 Front Street

How to Find the Space

When you arrive to 530 Front Street, there is a chain rope gate at the parking lot entrance on Front Street.

The code to lock on the rope gate is 0247. Enter that code into the padlock and you will be able to drive into the large private parking lot.

The main entrance to the space is the back doors that you can access from the parking lot.


How to Get Into the Space

On the door handle at the entrance to the building in the parking lot, you'll see a black lockbox hanging on the door handle.

The key to unlock the door is inside this lockbox. The code to the lockbox is 5208. Take the key out and unlock both locks on the door to get into the space.

There is no security alarm, so no need to worry about that.


How to Use the Lockbox

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How to Find Light Switches

When you go through the front door the light switches for the space are in a closet with a Neyborly logo sign on it to your left over by the TV monitor. The closet door sign says "Lights" on it. Turn on all the lights on the lighting panel to the right when you open this door.