Frequently Asked Questions

Day of Your Booking

All the answers to what happens on the day of your Neyborly booking!

Type in the one-time access code into the Neyborly lockbox that is installed on the outside of the location.  The one-time access code is in your booking confirmation email.  

This one-time access code will work from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm on the day of your booking only.  

Once you type in the access code into the Neyborly lockbox, you'll see the keys to the door in the box.  Please make sure to return the keys to the lockbox after your booking!  There is a $125 replacement fee if you lose the keys or do not return them after your booking.

Yes.  If you need to drop off items or get into your space before the booking starts at 8:00 am, you can contact customer experience and we'll help you out.

No, unfortunately you must end your activities by 9:00 pm. You may clean and pack up from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm, if need be. The Neyborly cleaning team will arrive at 9:00 pm to start sanitizing and resetting the space for the next day.

Make sure you've packed up all of your group's items and that all of your guests are outside of the space. 

Then simply lock the door with the same key you used to enter the space. Double-check that the door is locked and then put the key back into the lockbox and close the lockbox lid.  The same code you used to get into the space at the beginning of your booking will work at the end of the booking.

Cleaning and Restrictions

Required clean up procedures and restrictions in our spaces.

You're welcome to move the furniture around, but guests are required to reset the room after their event (putting chairs and tables back into place).

Guests are responsible for disposing of all trash/recycling/compost into the bins/bags that we provide. But we will remove the trash from the room as part of our cleaning process.

No. Guests are responsible for removing all additional items including but not limited to unused catering supplies (dishes, cups, stir sticks, pitchers, etc.), food, and decorations.

Rentals must be picked up same day, unless you'd like to rent the next day as well. If you're interested in exploring that option, please contact our team at

The following are strictly prohibited : smoking (except in designated outdoor areas), any candle not enclosed in glass. no bird seed, paper lanterns, rice, confetti or glitter. No items may be nailed to the doors, windows, walls, or floors. Fog machines, pyrotechnics, displays or props involving water, and other special effects equipment with potential for fire or water damage are prohibited in all indoor spaces. If you use any of the above items in the space, you will be charged an excess cleaning fee/damage fee to be determined reasonably by Neyborly Inc.

Allowed Uses and activities

Neyborly locations are designed for meetings, pop-ups, and professional events

Yes. Our locations are built more for professional and business use, but you are welcome to use them for social events as well. Our customers often use our locations to host celebrations, family get-togethers, showers, and brunches. All activities must end before 9 pm however.

In general, yes, but it requires special permitting that we can help you with. Not all of our spaces allow live music. If you would like to have a DJ with amplified speakers or a live band, please contact us directly and we will help you get it figured out.

Yes, you can sell tickets to your event/meeting/pop-up. BUT, you cannot have alcohol anywhere on-site if the event is ticketed.

Food and Alcohol

We allow you to save money by bringing your own food - with only a few rules...

It depends!

For private events, guests 21 and over can bring their own alcohol. However, any sales of alcohol or exchange of money via tickets is prohibited.

We do not allow any alcohol at public events unless you have a legal city alcohol event license. Please review our Alcohol Policy for more details.

Yes, we are BYOB for private events of guests 21 and older.

You bet you can!  Food is an expression of culture.  We encourage you to bring your own food and we have no additional fees for this. From taco bars to charcuterie boards, we welcome it all.

We have a partnership with DoorDash for drop-off catering if you are in need of food for your event or meeting!

Not at this time. Unfortunately, you'll have to leave your chef skills at home. Our locations are not outfitted for cooking indoors. 

We are, however, working on opening up some new locations inside former restaurants. You will soon be able to rent these new locations for cooking classes, pop-ups, and on-site event cooking...but these restaurant locations are not yet on our platform.

Touring Information

We make touring a Neyborly incredibly easy and convenient

Yes!  Simply reach out to our customer experience team and we will provide you with a one-time access code and instructions to self-tour the location on your own time.

It's easy! Ask our customer experience team for a one-time access code to the space. Then, simply enter the one-time code into the Neyborly lockbox that is either hanging on the door handle or mounted on the wall next to the door.

Changes and cancellation

We have simple and clear policies in the event you need to cancel or change your booking.


Please review our Cancellation and Refund Policy to check eligibility. Once reviewed, you may submit a cancellation request. If eligible, you will receive a refund within 45 business days.

Reach out to our customer experience team in the chat window in the bottom right hand corner of this website and we will help you change your booking date!  

If you would like to change the date of your booking and you are more than 45 days from the booking date, then there is no change fee. 

If your booking date is within 45 days, there is a $100 change fee to move the reservation to a new date. We have to do this because we are a small business and when you change the date it means we will likely have an empty space that day =(.

Insurance and Damages

We insure your booking with $6M of liability insurance.  But if you break something, you buy it.


You’ll be legally and financially responsible for any significant damage done to the facilities or furnishings in the venue. Normal wear and tear, however, is not a problem.

Not unless you want to have extra insurance for additional piece-of-mind.  We have an umbrella liability policy of $1M that covers your activities at any Neyborly space during your booking time.